What we do

AEDIRG is an organization dedicated to providing educational support to rural communities as well as initiatives to guide pupils towards achieving success in their examination, also putting in measures for effective teaching and learning in the rural communities. Aedirg is again dedicated to providing year-round programs for local and international volunteers to interact in development process by participating in projects which support to enrich the lives of deprived children.

Our activities at a glance

1. Education
Universal basic education is a critical part of rural development. Individuals who have had some education are better off. The development of national economy and the alleviation of poverty, in which basic education is essential. Yet rural primary schools in Ghana often suffer because they are remote from the central offices of the ministry of education, which distribute instruction and resources.

The key processes AEDIRG uses include local voice in what the school offers and how it is governed (often in the form of community schools), recruiting and supporting capable teachers, adapting the curriculum to a rural setting while keeping it within the national system, helping those who cannot afford school to pay for it, since education is the backbone of every economy.

2. Volunteering in Northern Ghana
Aedirg is an organization dedicated to providing year-round programs for local and international volunteers to interact in development process by participating in projects which support to enrich the lives of deprived children and women in rural communities. The organization aims to find volunteer placements and provide support for individual or group volunteers in northern Ghana. Our work promotes international cooperation, friendship, cultural exchange and sustainable socioeconomic development through voluntary work placements. We believe that volunteering should be a two way benefit where the volunteer placement should interest you and be suitable for your placement needs to gain practical work experience, enhance your resume, networking with overland adventures while you are able to assist your 'Host'.

3. Water and Sanitation
Deficiencies in water supply and sanitation significantly hamper economic opportunities and decrease the quality of life in most rural communities, Despite the progress made in water and sanitation during the past two decades, and despite the fact that clean water has been recognized as a human right by the international community, nevertheless one-sixth of the world’s population is still without clean water and two-fifths are without adequate sanitation

AEDIRG: however help and support, rural communities of Ghana develop and maintain access to safe drinking water, by providing engineering, technical expertise, and materials for development of a potable water system. The community however does all the unskilled labour. We also help these communities derive maximum benefits from safe water through higher standards of hygiene.

4. Child Sponsorship
The benefits that child sponsorship brings to children and families ranges from the intangible (the love children feel when they receive letters from their sponsors) to the tangible (like new school uniforms, and other essential school materials). Child sponsorship through foster parenting will in one way or the other help some of the kids in rural areas who truly cannot be in school as a result of poor financial background, however child sponsorship do not only improve lives of sponsored children and their families but has a great impact in the nation’s socio-economic development.

5. Environmental protection through tree planting
Indigenous trees have been lost mainly through firewood collection it is time to restore the lost and declining forests in this country. As well as improving water catchments, they provide habitats for birds and insects, shade for animals and recreation and some plants serve as medicines for local people and some give out edible fruits. As a symbolic gesture we are going to have tree planting project to ensure that those trees that are felt down are replace and also mount vigorous campaigns on these areas to educate the people the effects of cutting down trees without replacing them.

6. Youth sensitisation in the rural areas on substance abuse
Contrary to the stereotype of rural areas as idyllic, protected environments in which to raise families - which many people still believe - in rural communities in general, substance use is as great a problem as it is in the cities. However, rural communities vary considerably, which complicates our understanding of rural substance use problems, and increases the need for prevention, and intervention, tailored to individual rural community needs. It is our pleasure to give sensitization note to the youth in the rural areas on the need to avoid substance use none the less it is not going to be an easy task but a great one indeed it is clear that substance use does not only bring the activities and development of the individual to a standstill but also retard socio economic development of the nation.


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