AEDIRG Volunteer Manual

Guideline for Community Development through Volunteering

Promoting Educational Development in rural Ghana, Larabanga

AEDIRG is an organization dedicated to providing year-round programs for local and international volunteers to interact in development process by participating in projects which support to enrich the lives of deprived children in rural communities.

A. Details. Participants will try to reach the following goals:
• To be able to help kids who visit the Larabanga community library/Centre for Active Learning read and appreciate books in the library
• To be able to teach kids who visits the Larabanga community library/children centre basic knowledge on Computer
• Should at the end help the Liberian to properly register all books in the Larabanga community library/ children centre
• The participant will also have the chance to interact with the people in the community thereby shearing experience with them
• The participants at the end will appreciate the processes involved in administrative, proposal and reports writing
• The participant will also gain great experience dealing with kids that is through the assistance offered by teaching them how to read and write. And how to basically use the computer.

B. General Activities:
• Assisting the Liberian to work in the library by helping to re-arrange books and to help kids who visit to appreciate the books by teaching them how to read.
• Organized extra tuition for the kids (students) of the primary and junior high school in the library
• Teach kids who visits the community library basic knowledge on Computer
• Assist the Liberian to properly register all books in the library
• Assist in teaching kids in kindergarten and pre-school with the ages between 4 to 5 years
• Can also assist to teach children in the primary school between the ages of 6 to 11
• One can also assist to teach in the junior high school, between the ages of 12 to 15
• Can assist AEDIRG in its administrative work, through proposal and reports writing

It will be important to note that In the first week the participants will be properly introduced to the community and will be given an ideal orientation as to how the folks in the community live and will also visit opinion leaders in the community, It will be accurate to understand that after the first week, the participants will be familiar with the general life of the community.

In the subsequent weeks or days participants will then begin their official work, depending on the categories of tasks the volunteer choose to pursue, volunteers will be greatly supervise on their day-to-day activities. By the volunteers coordinator of AEDIRG. And the volunteer’s coordinator will also intend communicate to the C.E.O of AEDIRG.
On daily basis the activities of volunteers.

However, upon request volunteer can be given the last week of their stay to travel and explore other parts of the country if they so wish.

D. Geographical locations and Accommodation.
Geographically the organisation is located and operating in northern Ghana, climatically the region has two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. April to September is usually the rainy season whiles October to March is the dry season.
Socially, the people are very friendly and culturally rich.
Participants will be staying in a very decent AEDIRG Volunteers Home that shears the same compound with the larabanga community library/Centre for Active Learning which has wash rooms and toilets facilities within the same building.

E. On-arrival (Orientation)
Participant will surely be given proper orientation as to what to expect in other to minimise cultural shock, participants will be given the chance to interact with people in the community and will also have the opportunity to exchange ideas and learn more from them.
We will also arrange personal and family interactions where mini meetings will be taking place for the participants to interact effectively with the locals so as to learn from each other.
Participants will also be taking to farm fields to see and take part in how crops are grown in Africa and for that matter Ghana.
Participants will have someone who will always coordinate their work and activities on daily basis as mentioned above; and this person is always called the mentor or volunteers coordinator.

F. Proposed criteria for Selection European Volunteers.
• Participants should be able to read, write and understand Basic English,
• Participants should at list have basic knowledge on computer,
• Also should have basic knowledge in science and maths. (for the purpose of teaching)

G. Accommodation for volunteers
100 Euros for one month of Accommodation;
Volunteers can arrange with AEDIRG with regards to their food or can provide their own food if they so wish and can freely use the kitchen.

H. General rules for all volunteers staying in our facility:
1. All Volunteers will take full instructions and coordination’s from the chief executive officer (C.E.O) through their mentor/volunteers coordinator.
2. All Volunteers should accept responsibilities assign to them by the chief executive officer (C.E.O) through their mentor/ volunteers coordinator.
3. Volunteers will take full responsibility with regards to who they invite in to their bed rooms without the permition of their mentor.
4. In case of any problem volunteers will have to contact the C.E.O through their mentor immediately.

I. Should I take equipment or materials for my activities?
1. You can collect some children books and novels for the library.
2. You can also bring football and used cloths as well as pens and pencils for the kids
It is important to note that, the above immediate two points are not compulsory.

The maximum days Volunteers can stay should be six months, and we can host Four (4) volunteers at a time.

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