AEDIRG Volunteers Home

AEDIRG in partnership with Humanitas-Slovenia and Larabanga Community has constructed a community Library/Centre for Active Learning in Larabanga(L/CALL);

In 2009 this facility has been proving very useful to the youth in Larabanga and its adjoining communities as it serves as a place for learning and research, it is however important to note that as a means of sustaining the Library facility AEDIRG in partnership with Humanitas-Slovenia has put up again a decent Accommodation facility within the same compound called "AEDIRG Volunteers Home" for both Local and Foreign Volunteers, as well as for Budget Travelers, the facility provide decent and a smart kitchen for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on request, its 10 Euro's for a room per night for Tourist/visitors, it is again important to note that the proceeds realized from this Accommodation facility is meant to augment/support the Library facility, to ensure its smooth running, The Facility is located on the left off the main Street upon your entry to Larabanga from Damongo.

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